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The world’s greatest gift!

Yet, how often do we notice our prized possession? The daily grind, working to earn our living, meeting the needs of our loved ones, fulfilling our responsibilities and striving for success take over our lives and ourselves. Day after day, we consume the gift we have; but do we really value it? Care for it enough?

My story

So, here’s my story of how I came to see the gift bestowed on me and I would like to help you see it too! This is a story in 3 dimensions — Body, Mind & Soul.

First, the Body

Then, something switched. I am not sure what. But I started going on a short walk every evening after work and I stopped munching between meals. That’s all I started with. But the longer I kept it up, the better I felt. So, I wanted to do more. I reduced meal portions and even cut out sweets. Wow! I felt even better! And these practices continued in greater increments.

The more I paid attention to myself, the more positive I felt! My body, that I had taken for granted all this while, felt acknowledged and respected!

I moved from apathy to attention.

Next, the Mind

During the evening walks, mentioned earlier, I happened to start listening to podcasts to prevent myself from getting bored. This worked like magic. It piqued my interest in learning which gradually became more purposeful when I started picking out topics I was interested in — leadership, spirituality, personal growth, etc. I even got into writing earlier this year.

I let my mind become fertile once again. Alive to learning and yearning for growth. I started to consciously choose the content I consumed based on the value it added — online courses on topics of my interest, listening to interviews with role models, I even read the occasional nonfiction book!

I moved from relentless consumption to purpose led learning.

Third, the Soul

What do I need to do in order to feel happy? Do I need to find the right job? The right partner? The right friends? Where does happiness lie? These were questions I started seeking answers to.

And so, I hit upon another universal truth. The answer to my questions lay in moving from seeking moments of joy to seeking joy in the present moment.

This was a gradual realisation and now, mindfulness has become a continuous practice. To help me train myself, I started focussing on my breath, choosing to stay still for a few minutes every day. I started taking up other activities such as learning to play tennis or singing, that give me joy and require me to stay in the moment to perform them.

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Our gift needs us to value it!

The purpose of sharing this story was to bring forth the importance of valuing the gift we have been given. Therefore, self care is not an option but a need — it is simply good stewardship of the only gift we have, the gift we have been put on earth to offer others. This gift is not eternal. As with any gift, if we want to make the most of it, we must make the right choices to use it well. Use it in ways that give us joy and let us bring joy unto others.

Therefore, anytime we can listen to our true self and give the care it requires, we do it not only for ourselves, but for the many others whose lives we touch.

My story continues…

A parting message

Just starting out with letting my voice be heard. I would love for my narrative of the world change yours, even if by a little bit...